JI Symposium - Climate Change & Health

2 months ago

We close out this series of JameelCast with some highlights from our 2023 symposium: "How to reduce the impact of climate change on health - Research evidence on effective intervention." This day event brought together hundreds of stakeholders in academia, business, finance, and industry, to hear more on the cutting edge research into how the world's health will be struck by the climate crisis.

We hear from Prof. Ralf Toumi of the Grantham Institute, Dr. Laure de Preux of the Imperial College Business School, Prof. Frank Kelly of the Environmental Research Group, King's College London, and Dr. Ilaria Dorigatti of Imperial College London.

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Artwork: Georgia Melodie Hole

Music: Musictown - Inquisitive Curiousity Ashot Danielyan - Relaxed Vlog (Night Street)

Recorded and produced by Dr. Thom Rawson ([email protected])Episode Notes

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