Katharina Hauck - Health Economics

7 months ago

Episode Notes

We've heard a lot so far about some of the latest technologies, policy making, and global interventions. There's one thing that all of these advancements require however - money. Today, we speak with the Jameel Institute's Deputy Director Prof. Katharina Hauck, for a dive into the world of Health Economics. How do we value health? How do we provide funding? How do we get the most bang-for-our-buck? Find out in this week's episode.

Read more about the newly established The Jameel Institute – Kenneth C Griffin Initiative for the Economics of Pandemic Preparedness: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/240191/jameel-institute-announces-initiative-increase-global/

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Artwork: Georgia Melodie Hole

Music: Musictown - Inquisitive Curiousity Ashot Danielyan - Relaxed Vlog (Night Street)

Recorded and produced by Dr. Thom Rawson ([email protected])